Now that people have to stay at home longer and get fired faster from the hospital, more is expected from community nurses. For example when it comes to senior care, prevention and signaling. But to make that happen, good agreements are necessary between health insurers and providers. A1 Senior Care Eugene explains you everything about ward nurses.

In the Monitor contracting district nursing 2018, the NZ provides insight into the care procurement of community nursing for the year 2018. In the monitor, it can be read that the contracting is going well. And according to the NZ, that is important: because health insurers and healthcare providers make agreements together, the patient ultimately gets better care. ‘ Results of these good agreements are, for example, the backstop for children who are seriously ill and need nursing at home. ‘If there are waiting lists for this medical childcare at home, the health insurer will ensure that these patients can be helped by another provider. This would not have been possible without contract agreements. ‘ Also the fact that health insurers with contracted providers organize ‘non-planned health care’ in the regions is a good result, according to the NZ.

More complex care questions

But there is also room for improvement. ‘Health insurers and healthcare providers, for example, do not pay enough attention in the district nursing contracts to the nature and severity of the care demand of people who need care at home.’ The rates and volume agreements also do not adequately take into account the increasingly complex health care demands. ‘Health insurers base their rates on data from the past. Healthcare providers, in turn, offer health insurers insufficient insight into the care they provide. That makes it difficult to arrive at suitable rates. ‘

Waiting lists

In the monitor, the NZ further states that it requires both healthcare providers and health insurers to make agreements about concrete maximum waiting times that are in line with the practice, especially with regard to the urgency, and the waiting list registration. Moreover, it must be ensured that people who have to wait too long are taken over by another contracted provider.

Good examples

The NZ also demands attention for sharing expertise. ‘Learn from each other’s good examples and make optimum use of the available expertise so that specialized care can be concentrated where necessary with a limited number of providers with a regional training function and promote infrastructures and networks for specialized and unstable care, also for care mediation and backfiring.

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