It is, of course, nice if your father and/or mother can stay in his familiar surroundings for as long as possible. But for you as a child that often demands something. You feel responsible and wonder if your parent is saving. Care for elderly is a big and important theme. Precisely because we are growing older, living longer independently at home and the elderly group is growing. A1 Senior Care Hillsboro gives tips on how to take care of your aging father or mother as a child.

Dealing with health problems Aging is often accompanied by illnesses and old age problems such as incipient dementia, impaired vision, and hearing impairment), diabetes falls (and therefore fractures), osteoporosis and incontinence. Unfortunately, there is nothing to do with many ailments, it is the physical consequences and limitations associated with aging. Tools or medicines can reduce the symptoms. Think of glasses on the right strength or a hearing aid. The chance of a fall can also be reduced if your parents exercise enough and learn safe habits. Read more about this in the Stannah blog post ” Reduce the chance of falling. ‘Healthy and varied nutrition and exercise are important, especially for seniors!

Increase safety Will and can your father and/or mother still live at home? Then take a good look at the property. Whether the home of your parent (s) is safe in the field of falls and fire can be read in the Stannah blog post ‘ Stay safe at home’.

Which tools are useful? Sometimes tools and/or adjustments in the home can increase safety. Examples of tools and modifications are:

Handles in bathroom and toilet
Anti-slip material (in a bath, under the shower, under carpets)
Stairlift: provides more mobility
Rollator: provides more mobility indoors and outdoors

Lonely in the home Older people who live in a care home or retirement home often have contact with others. There are activities every day or it is eaten together. Unfortunately, loneliness is common among the elderly. Make sure that your parent gets visits from time to time or goes out on their own.

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